Chicken coop on 10 chickens with their own hands: drawings


Eggs are a very valuable and useful product. It is beneficial to breed hens from different points of view. They bring fresh eggs and are a source of dietary meat. Natural products are always in demand. Meat and eggs can be sold and served on the table in your home.

In order for the chickens to fly well, you need to build a cozy house for them. To build a chicken coop, you need to make an exact design of the structure. If you follow the instructions, you can make a chicken coop with your own hands on 10 chickens quickly and without unnecessary worries. Thanks to high-quality photos, you can understand the features of such structures.

Coop size

The dimensions of the chicken coop are calculated on the basis of the needs of the hens and their need for free space. For the correct determination of the size of the structure should be considered:

  • The purpose for which chickens are raised. There are some differences when breeding chickens to sell eggs or to feed fresh produce daily to their own table.
  • The number of layers.
  • Features of the site on which it is planned to build a chicken coop.
Tip! A chicken coop for 10 chickens will supply three people with eggs daily.

If the family is large, it is better to keep about 20 heads. If you want to turn the breeding of chickens into a profitable business, you should get from 50 to 100 chickens.

Large scale works in the construction of the coop should not be scary. If the experience of construction of economic facilities is missing, you can try to install a small chicken coop. When choosing a place you need to consider that over time the coop will need to be expanded.

Drawings chicken coop

Any construction process begins with a drawing scheme. This stage is very important in the construction of the chicken coop. The drawing should be as accurate as possible. This will allow you to present the end result of the effort. In addition, a properly drawn drawing of the chicken coop will help develop a plan of action. To figure out how to build a chicken coop, you should watch the video:

When creating a drawing for a chicken coop, it is not necessary to precisely copy the existing schemes. Designing a house for chickens can be done independently, taking into account the peculiarities of your site. However, when the construction experience is very small, referring to the finished drawings helps to clarify the many subtleties of the construction of the chicken coop. If the birds are in a close room, they will not feel comfortable, which will affect their productivity.

For example, for 3 chickens it is necessary to allocate 1 square. m space. Making an analogy, for 10 birds you will need a chicken coop of 2x2 m. If the farm has 20 chickens, you should make a chicken coop of 3x3 m.

When building a house, it is necessary to take into account that the bird will live in the house all year round. In winter, chickens constantly pile up. In this regard, the space for them will need less than in summer. In winter, one square meter is enough for 4 birds. This means that for ten chickens will require an area of ​​2.5 square meters. m

When creating drawings chicken coop for 10 chickens with their own hands, be sure to consider the place for walking. The dimensions of the enclosure depend on the size of the house. If the chicken coop is 2 m wide, then the walking area should be 2x6 m.

The durability of a winter coop depends on how well the materials are selected. The main ones are: hammer, cement, roofing felt, beams and boards. In addition, in the chicken coop on 10 chickens will need to spend the light. You will need to buy light bulbs and cables.

Determination of the place for the coop

When the size of the chicken coop will be known, and the materials are selected, construction can begin. First, choose the place of the future chicken coop. To choose the optimal position is very important, because it is a house for layers. Here they will walk, sleep, rush. It is important that nothing gives them discomfort.

When choosing a place for a chicken coop, you must follow these rules:

  • Choose a place that is dry. With increased humidity, the health of birds can be undermined.
  • It is better to have the surface sloped. This is necessary so that with frequent rains the water leaves faster.
  • It is important to ensure that the place is well lit by the sun.
  • It is better if the open-air cage in which chickens will walk will be located on the south side. Under this condition, the sun's rays will always warm this place.

It is forbidden to install a mini coop directly on the ground. The building must have a good foundation. How to build a reliable chicken coop, you can learn from the video:

Choosing a foundation for a chicken coop

There are 2 most suitable for the chicken coop options - strip and column foundation. Drawings of a house built on their own usually provide for the foundation in the form of pillars. It is best suited for lightweight construction. This basis has a number of advantages:

  • Building such a foundation for a chicken coop does not require a long wait until the solution hardens.
  • The column base is convenient to install.
  • When creating such a foundation creates natural ventilation that protects the chicken coop from rodents.

The construction of the columnar foundation for the chicken coop will not require much effort. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Along the perimeter of the coop it is necessary to drill holes that are 1 m deep. Each of them should have a diameter of about 20 cm.
  • Then it is necessary to perform the formwork. It is usually constructed from asbestos-cement pipes.
  • Pipes are inserted into the pit.
  • Reinforcement bars must be placed in the formwork before pouring concrete. They must be threaded.
  • After the concrete has set, the support bar is fixed to the base.

Tip! If such a process may seem complicated, you can choose a simpler option. For example, use ready-made concrete blocks. It takes only 4 such products. The stability of the coop is ensured by laying bricks between the concrete elements.

Walls and floor

From the photo of finished structures and drawings, you can find out that a chicken coop is being erected on a columnar foundation of a frame type. A feature of this construction is the simplicity and high speed of the structure. The device of the chicken coop is quite simple, so its work does not take much time.

During the creation of the chicken coop, the house master goes through several stages of work:

  • You need to take the bars section 70x70.
  • When creating a frame, vertical stands are nailed to the supporting bars.
  • To the resulting structure are added horizontal crossbar, which is mounted on the floor and roof.

When performing such work, it is important to monitor dimensional accuracy. For example, for a house with 20 chickens, it is necessary to calculate the height of the walls, if the roof is made lean-to. Dimensions are selected based on the size of the building. It is necessary to make a distance of not less than 35 cm between the ground and the floor.

Care must be taken to create the window as well as the doors. One of them is intended for the owner of the plot, and the second - for the release of chickens on the paddock. Nests should not always be installed in the house. A convenient option when the nests are attached to the chicken house (as in the photo below). They can perform multiple doors and a lifting cover. So, the nest will be more convenient to clean.


In addition, in the process of building walls, you must remember that the temperature inside the chicken coop should be comfortable for chickens. It is necessary to consider whether the house will be performed for year-round maintenance or it will become a seasonal construction. In the case of the construction of a winter coop after sheathing the structure with boards outside, care should be taken to ensure proper thermal insulation.

When creating a chicken coop with your own hands, it is better to use ready-made photos, drawings and instructions. This will simplify the task. With proper creation of the house, it provides insulation. The material for it can serve:

  • minwat;
  • ecowool;
  • Styrofoam.

When the insulation is laid, the walls are sewn inside with boards.

Tip! Wall cladding does not have to be made of boards. Suitable materials are fiberboard, plastic and chipboard.

However, laying insulation is not enough to create the most favorable conditions for birds to live in winter. Therefore, when building a winter coop for 10 chickens with your own hands, you need to create a special heating system. With this solution, a certain temperature will always be maintained in the hen house.

Making the floor and roof

To create the chickens necessary living conditions will need to perform a double floor. Thanks to him, additional warming of the chicken coop will be provided. This floor is constructed quite easily. Boards from a bar are hemmed from below, the heater is laid on them, and from above everything is sewn up with finishing boards (as in the photo).

Many chicken coops are made without such a floor. For insulation using straw or sawdust. If you put these materials in a thick layer, it will be an excellent heat insulator. It is better if a log or a bar is selected as the material for creating the chicken coop. They are great for poultry houses.

The easiest way to perform a roof shed. To build it, you need to maintain the distance between the bars in half a meter. Roofing material is used for waterproofing.

To create an additional layer of insulation the roof from the inside can be sheathed with chipboard panels. For the outer coating using slate, reed or decking.

Interior arrangement

The chicken coop (both summer and winter) should be made as carefully as possible both outside and inside. The internal arrangement of the house is time consuming. A few tips should be followed:

  • Ventilation must be present in the hen house. There should be fresh air in the house. For the construction of ventilation it is necessary to install 2 pipes: one - supply, the other - output.
  • In order for sunlight to penetrate the room, it is necessary to make windows of optimal size.
  • Chickens need to roost. The diameter of the poles should be about 3-4 cm. Between the poles it is better to make a distance of 35 cm.
  • For creating nests you can use the available materials. These include boxes and boxes.

Tip! The length of the perch should be calculated based on the number of birds. One hen will have enough space on the perch, 20 cm wide.

By performing simple calculations, you can decide how much and how long the poles should be performed.

During construction it is necessary to think about the place where the birds will feed. It is necessary to make it as comfortable as possible for layers. The length of the feeder is calculated based on the number of birds. For example, one chicken should be about 15 cm. If possible, it is better to provide a margin of length.

Additional troughs should be made in the form of boxes. They are located at a height of 15 cm above the floor. They should always be small and gravel. Such materials are necessary for each chicken to form eggs.

Another useful design would be a dust bath. They can be arranged very simply. To do this, you need to prepare containers and fill them with sand, ash. Chickens while bathing in such baths improve the quality of their plumage. In addition, it allows you to destroy pests that live on the bird. To figure out how to build a chicken coop for 10 chickens, you should decide on the peculiarities of its design and construction.

Final stage

After the construction is completed, you should carry out finishing. Such work is in the details, however, it is very important to create comfortable conditions for the hens. Thanks to them, the chicken coop will be as functional as possible, and the site will acquire another attractive element.

There are several guidelines for finishing:

  • After the construction of the house is completed, the aviary must be covered with a grid. The roof can not be closed in the rain chickens will go to the chicken coop.
  • Conveniently, if the entrance door will be combined with the manhole. For him, a separate hole is made in the door structure. You can cut it in the wall. The main requirement is to keep the required dimensions. Laz should be 35x35 cm.
  • To form an approach to the manhole, you must nail a board upholstered with horizontal slats to it.
  • The approach should be created and to the roost. This will allow young layers to comfortably climb on the perch.
  • To increase the egg production of chickens, it is necessary to extend the daylight hours for the hens. To do this, in the autumn and spring periods it is necessary to light a light bulb in the mornings and evenings. To do this, you will need to conduct electricity in the hen house. It is necessary to prepare the cable. In order not to drill an additional hole, you should pass the cable through the ventilation.

To protect the wood from rotting by using a special composition. Outside, the structure is painted, and inside it is treated with quicklime. This will help eliminate the risk of parasites.