Fruitful varieties of tomatoes for open ground


Despite the agricultural progress and the emergence of many modern agricultural tools and materials, most gardeners grow their vegetables on ordinary garden beds. This method is easier, faster and does not require additional material investments.

This article will present the most productive varieties of tomatoes for open ground, described the specificity of such tomatoes and the technology of their cultivation.

What is the peculiarity of productive tomatoes

It is believed that with the productivity of the variety of tomatoes grows its demands. That is, these tomatoes supposedly need to be fertilized more abundantly, more often watered, more carefully protected from pests and diseases.

However, modern selection has advanced greatly - now there is no need to choose between yield and unpretentiousness, it is realistic to find a variety that meets these two criteria.

Of course, bushes with lots of sopery fruits at the same time need more water and nutrients. But this does not mean that they will have to be watered daily and much more often fertilized. Just by watering high-yielding tomatoes, you need to hold the slug above the bush a little longer than usual, and make a slightly larger dose of fertilizer.

Important! In order for tomatoes to ripen in any region of Russia, the variety must belong to early-ripening or mid-ripening tomatoes.

Even the most high-yielding tomato with late ripening simply does not have time to ripen in an open garden - before the fruits turn red, autumn frosts will descend.

So, choosing a variety for open ground, you need to dwell on the tomato:

  • with a short growing season;
  • with good durability and ability to tolerate spring and autumn frosts;
  • treated against the most common diseases;
  • belonging to the selection group of tomatoes, bred specifically for the territory of Russia, or acclimatized foreign hybrids;
  • adapted for growing in open beds.

It is believed that hybrid tomatoes are more fruitful. But many gardeners celebrate the best taste of varietal tomatoes. Therefore, you need to choose a grade based on personal preferences.


This hybrid is considered one of the best among early ripe tomatoes for an open ground. Fruits of the correct rounded shape are painted in saturated red color. To taste the hybrid tomato is no worse than varietal early ripe tomatoes.

The early ripening dates of the variety are 2.5 months after sowing seeds it is already possible to harvest. The weight of one fruit is about 150 grams. Bushes are low (about 45 cm), but powerful, with a large number of leaves.

You do not need to tie bushes - the stems are thick enough to support the weight of the tomatoes. But this hybrid should be regularly pinned, since there are so many stepsons on the bushes. If the side shoots to root, they will take root well and quickly. This allows you to get an additional crop of tomatoes that ripen a couple of weeks later than the fruits on the main plant.

You can and do not perform pasynkovanie bushes, then the tomatoes will be a little smaller.


These hybrid tomatoes are considered very early. The plant belongs to the determinant, however, the bushes are quite high. For better yields, it is better to form a shrub into one or two stalks. Be sure to tie up the plants.

Tomato varieties "Anastasia" is very fruitful - ovaries on the bushes are formed through each two leaves. In each brush about 8 fruits are simultaneously formed.

The mass of each tomato is about 200 grams. Fruits are red, slightly tapering downwards. The pulp is aromatic and juicy, the tomatoes are very tasty. With good care from each plant you can get 12 kg of tomatoes.


This hybrid variety belongs to the group of mid-season tomatoes. Fruits ripen not very quickly, but the tomato has a high yield and resistance to external factors. On each brush of the plant up to 20 tomatoes are simultaneously tied.

The shape of the fruit - cream, painted tomatoes in red. The average fruit weight is 80-100 grams. Bushes of medium height, semi-sprawling, standard.

Tomatoes are elastic, have tasty and fragrant pulp. The small size and dense skin allows you to use the fruit for canning, pickling.

"Rio de Grande"

Tomatoes of this variety are universal - fruits are tasty both fresh and in salads, suitable for canning, pickling, processing.

Bushes of medium height (about 60 cm) do not need tying, which greatly simplifies the care of beds with tomatoes.

Fruit shape - cream. The color is red. The tomatoes themselves are small, the weight of each is about 115 grams. Tasteful at the height, tomatoes are sweet and fragrant.

"Wonder of the World"

This variety belongs to the indeterminate tomatoes, whose height exceeds 1 meter. Gardeners call the plant a lemon-liana, because a tomato bush grows like a liana - it weaves on a support, and the fruits are colored yellow and look like small lemon leaves.

The mass of each tomato is from 50 to 110 grams. The brushes growing on the top of the bush can contain up to 45 fruits in each bunch, and the lower brushes consist of a maximum of 25 tomatoes.

The main purpose of this hybrid variety is preservation and pickling.

"Tarasenko 2"

One more indeterminantny grade, differing in high productivity. Fruits are colored in a red-orange shade, differ in sweet pulp and dense skin. The weight of one tomato is 60-70 grams.

About 35 tomatoes ripen in each cluster, which makes it possible to get a good harvest from a medium-sized bush. Fruits tolerate transportation and can be stored for a long time. This makes the variety suitable for cultivation for sale.

"De Barao Yellow"

A hybrid variety whose shrubs are considered indeterminate and reach an average height. The ripening period is medium late - the entire growing season is about four months. This is long enough for most regions of Russia, so it is recommended to grow yellow De Barao yellow in the south of the country. In the middle lane and in the north it is better to plant the crop in a greenhouse.

The fruits are painted in bright orange color, their shape is oval, the skin is dense. The mass of each tomato is about 60 grams. High density allows tomatoes to tolerate transportation and long-term storage.

Amur Shtamb

A hybrid with an early ripening period - 90 days after sowing seeds for seedlings, the first ripe fruits appear.

Bushes reach a small height - a maximum of 60 cm, but at the same time a large number of fruits are grown on them. The plant withstands low temperatures, drought, resists most diseases, so the harvest of the Amur Shtamb variety is always consistently high.

Tomatoes are small, the average fruit weight is about 80 grams. The shape of the fruit is round, the tomatoes are painted red. The taste characteristics are high, the tomatoes of this hybrid variety are equally tasty fresh and canned.


Mid-season variety intended for cultivation in the beds of the southern regions. But, even in the temperate zone of the center of the country, the tomato gives a high yield.

The plant is quite unpretentious: all that is needed to the “Gift” tomato variety is regular watering and a few dressings during the growing season. Ripe tomatoes have the shape of a slightly flattened ball, painted in a bright red hue. Taste good, like most mid-ripe tomatoes.

Attention! A distinctive feature of the gift tomatoes is that they can be grown directly from the seeds, that is, in a seedless way.

But this can be done only in the southern regions with early spring and hot summer.

"Raspberry Giant"

This variety can not go unnoticed. The tomato wins at once in several categories: it has early terms of ripening, a large mass of fruits of excellent taste, provides high yields, is considered one of the most unpretentious varieties for open ground.

The fruits are painted in a raspberry shade, have the shape of an oblate ball. The mass of one tomato can reach 700 grams. And each brush simultaneously contains about six fruits.

The size of the tomato does not allow it to be used for canning in general, but from this variety of tomatoes excellent salads, both fresh and canned, are obtained.

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Gardeners love these tomatoes for unpretentiousness and, at the same time, exceptionally tasty fruits. And, of course, the variety belongs to the most fruitful tomatoes, providing gardeners with a sufficient number of tomatoes.

The hybrid withstands cold snap, is immune to most diseases. The bushes are simply covered with small red fruits that are great for pickling and preserving.

"Wild Rose"

Tomato refers to the early ripening. It is considered one of the most unpretentious varieties, tolerates irregular irrigation, alternating drought with high humidity. Therefore, the variety is perfect for summer residents who visit their sites only on weekends.

Fruits are medium sized, pink colored, rounded. Tomatoes taste sweet and juicy, with sugar flavored pulp. With sufficient care from each bush can collect more than six kilograms of tomatoes.


Tomatoes of this variety can be grown in any region of the country, the composition of the soil is also not important for a tomato - it bears fruits equally well on a variety of soils.

There will be no hassle with these tomatoes: they grow well in conditions of drought, sudden changes in temperature, they are not afraid of viruses and diseases.

Round fruits are colored in a red-orange shade, they are considered very tasty.


The representative of large-fruited tomatoes, the hallmark of which is a large mass of the fruit. The plant belongs to the indeterminate, the height of the bush is 150 cm. About ten tomatoes are formed on one plant, their weight ranges from 0.2 to 1 kg.

Variety refers to the medium early - for full ripening fruits need 115 days. These tomatoes can be grown in any region of Russia, even in the north, the variety shows good results.

Up to five kilograms of fruit can be removed from each bush of this tomato, and more than 17 kg from one meter of soil.

Tip! In order to further increase the yield of the Pudovik variety, these tomatoes are recommended to fertilize often and abundantly with mineral fertilizers.


Tomato, selected specifically for the temperate climate. Therefore, local weather conditions tolerate much better non-acclimatized Dutch varieties.

The height of the bushes reaches 120 cm, the fruits are colored red, have medium size and rounded shape. A distinctive feature of the variety is a relatively small weight of fruits. Harvest can be transported over long distances, stored, canned and pickled.

The variety “Diabolic” has a very good ability to tolerate “tomato” diseases and resist viruses.


This variety of tomatoes stands out against the background of increased resistance to low temperatures. This quality allows you to transfer seedlings to the beds 10-14 days earlier than other varieties. Therefore, the harvest of tomatoes will be the earliest.

Another ability of tomatoes - resistance against fungal diseases, which allows the variety to tolerate high humidity.

The fruit weight is quite large - about 250 grams, the tomatoes are very tasty fresh and salads.

How to grow tomatoes in the open field

Growing tomatoes in the garden is a little more difficult than in closed greenhouses. This is due to the thermophilic culture and the tendency of tomatoes to various fungal diseases. Tomatoes need warmth and the same level of moisture. This is difficult to achieve in the open field, because a lot depends on weather conditions.

To simplify the "life" of your tomatoes and increase the yield, you need:

  1. Correctly calculate the time of sowing seeds for seedlings and transfer plants to the ground. Tomatoes should not be planted on the beds too early, when there is still a threat of night frost. But too late terms of transplantation will also have a bad effect on productivity - the last tomatoes will not have time to ripen before the onset of autumn cold weather.
  2. The first two weeks after transplanting tomato seedlings to the flower bed, it is recommended to cover the plants with a film or agrofiber at night in order to protect them from excessive temperature drops.
  3. Avoid excessive moisture of the soil, it contributes to the infection of plants with fungus.
  4. Loosen the soil between the rows, which will help the roots to be saturated with oxygen.
  5. To rip ripe fruits in time so that they do not take power from the bush and give the rest of the tomatoes a normal development.
  6. Treat tomatoes with special pests, diseases and viruses.
  7. Several times a season to make dressing.
  8. Tie tall tomatoes to supports, pinch the side shoots, controlling the thickening and shape of the bushes.

These simple rules will help to increase the yield of any variety of tomatoes intended for open ground. Well, specially selected productive varieties of tomatoes for open ground with proper care will give unusually high yields, providing the gardener with the right amount of fresh vegetables.