Landscape Design

Landscape design of a small yard of a private house + photo


Each owner of a country house wants to have a beautiful and well-kept plot around the house. Today, there are a large number of original solutions that will make the local area attractive and functional. All this is united in one concept - landscape design. It seems to many that it is very difficult, for this reason they turn to specialists and spend a lot of money on it. Others reject this idea altogether, since they believe that this requires special knowledge. Of course, it is necessary to have some skills, but with all this, you will be pleasantly surprised that the landscape design of the courtyard of a private house can be done with your own hands.

This article will provide a lot of useful information that will help you in all the subtleties to understand this issue. Plus, you can visually see already completed projects in the photo and video at the end of this article.

Zoning is the first step

First of all, it is necessary to perform zoning. In simple language, we are talking about the creation of a project in which separate zones will be designated on the local area. Of course, the design of a small area will be different from a large one. You must mark the location of the following zones:

  • Parking.
  • Tracks (they can be additional, auxiliary and main).
  • For relax.
  • The presence of a reservoir or pool.
  • Flower beds and flower beds.
  • Architectural buildings.
  • Playground.

As you can see, landscape design of a private house with your own hands is not just planting flowers, but a clear planning. In general, the choice of a project will depend on your preference. For this reason, there are no absolutely accurate templates by which to navigate when designing the landscape design of the courtyard of a private house. It requires an individual approach. At the same time, zoning and project design is an important step.

Private courtyard lighting

In developing, well-thought-out lighting also plays an important role. In particular, it is necessary to take into account such nuances:

  • Providing comfortable conditions in the recreation area, games, cooking.
  • Illuminate tracks and remote areas.
  • Consider highlighting the individual elements.

As for the lighting, a number of designers recommend to organize the lighting of the facade of the house, farm buildings, parking. Among other things, good lighting should be at the main entrance. In any case, the lighting should be thought out so that you can safely move around the territory of your private house yard.

Attention! Well, if the lighting will be evenly distributed throughout the private house.

It is also necessary to provide backlit stairs and stairs for safe movement.

Landscape design step by step

Now we will consider some features of manufacturing landscape design of the yard of a private house. First, a small project is made, on which separate zones for recreation and the like are indicated. Among other things, the presence of flower beds is necessarily indicated.

If you are planning a recreation area, then there must be benches, a small shed or a gazebo. May need to hold the tracks for easy movement.

Tip! The presence of tracks in the landscape design is a prerequisite.

In this case, the lawn you sow will not be trampled. They will also help not to spread dirt throughout the territory.

If you often gather guests, then take care of the presence of barbecue, barbecue and the like. In this case, you can not only pleasantly communicate, but also take delicious food cooked on the fire. Consider the location of such a building so that the smoke mostly does not go to the recreation area, but goes beyond it. This will promote a good environment.

If you have the opportunity to make a small lake or another body of water, then that's fine. In this case, the landscape will have a more attractive appearance. The shore can be laid out with river stone or pebbles. Additionally, you can plant all the beautiful flowers or hvoynikami. By the way, conifers can surround the recreation area. The fragrance they publish will fill the entire surrounding area of ​​the courtyard of a private house.

Landscaping is an important part of landscape design.

In addition to the organization of individual zones, no less attention should be paid to the landscaping of the courtyard of a private house. As for the grass, it can be grown independently. You can also buy ready-made turf. In the first case, you will have to be patient so that the lawn will rise, in the second case you will immediately enjoy a beautiful green lawn.

If there are obviously ugly trees in the yard of a private house that spoil the whole view, then it is better to cut them and stub them up. To plant grass and flower beds to have good growth, examine the condition of the soil. If necessary, you can start and pour it all over the site. This is especially important in those places where it is planned to plant flower beds. As for planting flowers, you can look at the photos already ready flower beds. It is imperative that all the colors of the plants create one whole harmony. In this article, you can find a lot of photos with ready-made solutions.

Often, the owners of a private house decide to plant evergreen conifers in the form of bushes and trees. In this case, the beauty of the created landscape design will not depend on the season. All year round you will enjoy green plants that will fill the air with a pleasant pine aroma.

When choosing plants, be sure to consider the following nuances:

  • Whether flowers and other plants need a lot of sunlight or shade.
  • Do they require a lot of moisture?
  • How often to fertilize.
  • Whether well-chosen plants are in contact with neighboring flowers.
  • The flowering period.

These are important factors that are necessarily taken into account when landscaping and planting flower beds.

Tip! Some lovers of flowering plants are planted with flowers that bloom one by one.

Installation of decorative elements

It is worth mentioning about the installation of possible decorative elements. On the presented photos in this section you can see a lot of original ideas. Here you can use all sorts of elements, for example, an old wheel, forged benches, painted pots, old wooden carts and the like.

Tip! When choosing and installing decorative elements in landscape design, do not overdo it.

Decorative elements should be complement and decoration of the whole picture. Otherwise, your landscape design of the yard of a private house will turn into a museum of old figures.

You can install original clay vases in the flowerbeds and plant flowers in them. Also, vases can be made of wooden planks, ropes and even old logs. Many prefer their Japanese-style rock garden. Such a solution would be a great addition to landscape design.


So, as we have seen, the creation of landscape design is not easy, but everyone is able to implement this project. Of course, one desire is not enough. Patience is also needed, because it takes more than one day. We hope that the photos, schemes and videos at the end of this article will help you to understand all the details of the manufacture of landscape design. Share your ideas with our readers by leaving comments at the end of this article.