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Blower garden petrol Hitachi 24 ea


The Hitachi petrol blower is a compact device for maintaining cleanliness in the backyard, in the park and in various neighborhoods.

Hitachi is a large financial and industrial corporation whose enterprises operate throughout the world. Most of them are in Japan. Hitachi produces a wide range of garden and park equipment, which include petrol blowers.

Scope of application

The blower is a device that allows you to clean the territory of the site from the fallen leaves and various debris. In winter, it can be used to clear the tracks from the snow.

Blowers are especially in demand for cleaning large areas near hospitals, schools, as well as in parks and gardens.

The air flow in such devices is aimed at blowing out the foliage and other objects. Depending on the model, such devices can act like a vacuum cleaner and shred the collected garbage.

However, the blowers are suitable not only for cleaning the backyard. They are often used for domestic needs:

  • purge power supplies of computers;
  • decontamination of system units;
  • drying of special equipment;
  • in the presence of the "vacuum cleaner" mode, you can remove small objects in the house or on the site;
  • removal of dust in the house;
  • cleaning of production sites from sawdust, shavings, dust and other small garbage.

Features of gasoline blowers

Petrol blowers are powerful and high-performance devices. This is reflected in their total cost.

Such equipment works according to a certain principle: the air flow is directed to the surface to be cleaned. Gasoline blowers are equipped with a fuel tank and an electronic ignition system, which makes it easier to start the engine.

The control system of a petrol vacuum cleaner consists of a lever to regulate the fuel supply and a start button.

Petrol blowers have the following advantages:

  • work autonomously without being tied to a power source;
  • Suitable for cleaning large and small areas.

The disadvantages of petrol devices are:

  • high level of vibration;
  • operating noise;
  • exhaust emissions, which does not allow their use in enclosed spaces;
  • the need for refueling.

To eliminate these drawbacks, manufacturers equip blowers with comfortable handles and anti-vibration systems.

Hitachi blowers RB 24 E and RB 24 EA are hand-held devices. They have compact dimensions and low weight. It is best to use them for work in small areas where high performance and power are not required.

Technical characteristics of Hitachi blowers

Hitachi gasoline engines are equipped with the New Pure Fire system, which allows to reduce the amount of toxic emissions.

The devices operate on branded 89 octane unleaded gasoline. Be sure to use the original two-stroke oil.

Hitachi blowers have three modes of operation:

  • low speed - for blowing dry leaves and grass;
  • average speed - to clean the area from wet leaves;
  • high speed - allows you to eliminate gravel, dirt and heavy objects.

Model RB 24 E

RB24E petrol blower has the following specifications:

  • power - 1.1 hp (0.84 kW);
  • noise level - 104 dB;
  • the main function is airflow;
  • engine displacement - 23.9 cm3;
  • the highest air velocity is 48.6 m / s;
  • maximum air volume - 642 m3/ h;
  • engine type - two-stroke;
  • tank volume - 0.6 l;
  • the presence of garbage;
  • weight - 4.6 kg;
  • dimensions - 365 * 269 * 360 mm;
  • complete set - the soaking-up pipe.
Important! For storage and transportation must be removed attachments.

The device has a handle with a rubber pad. This ensures reliable retention of the device during operation. The fuel supply is regulated by a lever. The unit can be converted into a garden vacuum cleaner.

Model RB 24 EA

The petrol blower RB24EA has the following technical characteristics:

  • power - 1.21 hp (0.89 kW);
  • the main function is airflow;
  • engine displacement - 23.9 cm3;
  • the highest air velocity is 76 m / s;
  • engine type - two-stroke;
  • tank volume - 0.52 l;
  • waste bin is missing;
  • weight - 3.9 kg;
  • dimensions - 354 * 205 * 336 mm;
  • a complete set - a direct and conic pipe.

If necessary, nozzles blowers are easily removed. The handle has a convenient form and contains the necessary controls.


To ensure the operation of the gasoline blower will require the following supplies:

Motor oil

When buying equipment with a two-stroke engine, you should purchase the original engine oil supplied by the manufacturer. In its absence, choose an oil with an antioxidant additive, designed for engines of this type.

The oil is used at each filling with gasoline in the ratio from 1:25 to 1:50. The result is a homogeneous working mixture.

The components are mixed in a separate container, first add half of the required fuel, then pour the oil and mix the mixture. The final stage is pouring the remaining gasoline and stirring the fuel mixture.

Important! If long work is planned, it is better to buy oil with a reserve due to the rapid consumption.

Personal protective equipment

When working with garden blowers are used means to protect the organs of sight and hearing. These include protective goggles, noise protection headphones, hats. In production and construction conditions, protective half masks and respirators will be required.

For the organization of the working space using garden wheelbarrows or stretchers. Gasoline and motor oil are stored in cans in accordance with the rules for handling combustible materials.

For the collection of foliage and other items it is recommended to use durable bags designed for construction waste.

Precautionary measures

When working with petrol blowers, you need to follow safety precautions:

  • works are carried out only in good physical condition;
  • when under the influence of alcohol or drugs should be postponed cleaning;
  • clothes should fit snugly to the body, but not impede movement;
  • jewelry and accessories are recommended to remove;

  • during the entire period of use of the blower it is necessary to use personal protective equipment for sight and hearing;
  • during breaks or transportation, the device must be turned off;
  • before refueling, turn off the engine and make sure there are no sources of ignition nearby;
  • Direct contact with fuel and its vapors should be avoided;
  • air flow is not directed at people and animals;
  • it is possible to work with the device only in the absence of people and animals within a radius of 15 m;
  • when using medical electronic devices, it is recommended to consult a doctor before using the blower;
  • periodically it is recommended to give the device for cleaning to the service center.
Important! When handling fuel, increased safety precautions are observed.


The blower quickly and efficiently clears the area from leaves, branches and other debris. It is used on construction and production sites, as well as for domestic purposes. Hitachi devices are characterized by high performance, low weight and ease of operation.

The model range is represented by devices that differ in power, size and configuration. All of them are eco-friendly and are designed according to European standards. For work with blowers consumables are purchased: gasoline, engine oil, personal protective equipment. When interacting with such devices need to comply with safety.