Dutch tomato varieties for greenhouses


Seeds of tomatoes of the Dutch selection are famous not only for their excellent quality, but also for their beautiful appearance. Tomato is one of the most popular vegetables on our table, so seeds of various varieties are in demand. They begin to choose in the winter, it is then that the gardener's season begins. Consider some of the Dutch tomato seeds for greenhouses, understand the features of cultivation.

Features of seeds of the Dutch selection

Some gardeners believe that imported varieties of tomatoes are good in themselves and give a rich harvest. This is not a completely correct statement. The fact is that the yield and quality of seed depend on several factors:

  • from the manufacturer;
  • from the compliance of growing conditions with those required by the description;
  • on the quality of care.

Therefore, if you decide to purchase exactly Dutch varieties, well read the information on the packaging. It is possible that conditions in the region will not be suitable, although companies importing seeds, as a rule, are carried out in accordance with these requirements.

When grown in greenhouses

In order for tomatoes to grow and bear fruit indoors, breeders need a lot of work. That is why most of the presented tomatoes are hybrids. The most important parameters for the selection of seeds are:

  • disease resistance;
  • maturation rate;
  • special requirements for growing conditions;
  • taste and use of fruits.

Very often it happens that the ground is infected or too wet in the greenhouse, and no treatments do not lead to an improvement in the situation. Pay attention to resistant hybrids in this case.

Important! Hybrids differ from varieties in their incredible stamina and growth.

However, it does not make sense to collect seeds from large fruits for the purpose of their further cultivation, since only varietal tomatoes are capable of producing crops in the future.

Consider the best Dutch varieties and tomato hybrids that can be found on the shelves of our stores.

Overview of varieties and hybrids for greenhouses

All the varieties and hybrids of tomatoes for the greenhouse presented below are presented on the counters of gardening shops in Russia. Some of them are also ordered from online stores, because in remote areas the selection of seeds is quite small.

Yellow pear

The grade "Yellow pear" is presented by fine tomatoes of a pear-shaped form of yellow color. They look fine, their quality is excellent, and that is what these tomatoes love for. The variety is cultivated for growing only under greenhouse conditions, and the tomatoes do not over-ripen or crack. Tastes excellent with fleshy pulp.

The bush is indeterminate, reaches a height of 160 centimeters, requires garters and pinching, that is, the formation of the plant. The ripening period is 120 days, for closed ground it is optimal. Using a versatile tomato. One minus - you can not plant this variety densely, no more than 4 plants per square meter.

Important! Indeterminant hive does not stop its growth throughout life. As a rule, all tomatoes in height reach 1.2 meters, but there are instances reaching 3 meters.

Big beef

Perhaps one of the best hybrids of Dutch breeders from those that are found on the Russian market. It is represented by large early ripe tomatoes of excellent quality. It is intended for cultivation both in an open ground, and in greenhouses. The ripening period is only 73 days since the first shoots appeared. Tomato fruits are large (up to 300 grams), fleshy and tasty, they have a characteristic aroma, therefore they are best suited for fresh consumption.

The yield is high, reaching 12.7 kilograms per square meter. Resistant to the following diseases: verticillus, Fusarium, Alternaria, tomato mosaic virus, gray spot. Experienced gardeners note that seed germination reaches 98-100%.

The president

Hybrid Dutch selection "President" is among the ten best tomatoes in Russia today. He fell in love with our gardeners for a large number of positive qualities. The term of maturation is only 68-70 days, the bush is an indeterminant type of growth.

As for tomatoes, they are medium in size, reaching 200-250 grams each, the yield is very high, only 7-8 kilograms of excellent tomatoes can be stably collected from one bush. Fruits are dense, well and long stored. Tastes excellent.


Hybrid "Bobcat" is also well known in our country. It is most often used for making sauces, juices and other tomato products. The bush is determinant, not high, it requires less maintenance in comparison with the indeterminant tomato hybrids.

Fruits are medium in size, reaching 220 grams each, sometimes smaller. The average yield is 3.5-4 kilograms per square meter. The hybrid is resistant to fusarium and verticillium wilt. The ripening period is quite long, from the moment the first shoots appear until the time of harvest 130 days pass.

San marzano

A beautiful tomato of a characteristic pepper type that distinguishes it from other elongated tomatoes. The variety is mid-season, fully ripen after 110-115 days. Fruits are not very small, equal in weight to 100 grams, sometimes slightly less. Fruits ripen on high bushes up to 1.5 meters in height, are well kept due to their high density.

Tastes are excellent, while the plant is well tolerated by lower temperatures, it does not affect the yield. Resistant to Fusarium and Verticillus.


The breeder who created the Dutch hybrid “Magnus” certainly hoped that the gardeners would not tolerate a long wait, preferring these seeds. The ripening period does not exceed 65 days, which makes it possible to attribute it to ultrafast. The bush is compact, semi-determinant type of growth, it can be grown with success both in open ground and in greenhouse conditions.

High commodity qualities make fruits the favorites of sales. Tastes are good, the skin is dense and does not crack. The yield is 4.5 kilograms per square meter.


Greenhouse tomato "Sunrise" is a highly resistant hybrid that will delight any gardener with a rich harvest. After a short period, it is possible to collect 4.5 kilograms of fruits of excellent quality from one bush. This plant is not afraid of such serious diseases as Alternaria, gray leaf spot, verticillis. For tomatoes of the Dutch selection persistence and high growth force are characteristic.

The ripening period is only 62-64 days, it is very fast, and if the greenhouse is heated, during the season you can grow more than one crop. Tastes are good, the fruits can be pickled and pickled, as well as processed into juices and tomato paste. The tomatoes themselves are quite large, up to 240 grams by weight, they can be transported over long distances. The skin is dense, the fruits do not crack.

Pink unique

Varieties of large-fruited tomatoes are always attractive for those who are used to spending all summer in greenhouses and in vegetable gardens. Hybrid "Pink Unicum" combines excellent product quality and large fruit weight. The advantage of this tomato is that it is resistant to a large range of diseases, and the bush is very compact, so you can safely plant 6-7 plants per square meter. Growth type is determinant.

The yield per square meter is 12.5 kilograms, the fruits have a standard rounded shape, the color of the flesh is pink, and the skin is rather dense. The weight of one tomato equals 230-240 grams. Maturation is only 73 days. The use of universal, resistant to diseases such as:

  • root rot;
  • nematode;
  • Fusarium;
  • verticillus;
  • tomato mosaic virus;
  • brown leaf spot;
  • tracheomic wilt.

With the critical condition of the soil in the greenhouse, you can safely bet on this really unique hybrid. Due to the rapid maturation of phytophthora he is also not afraid.


Hybrid "Zhenaros" recommended for cultivation in film and glass greenhouses, especially good for autumn turnover. The ripening period is 100-120 days. The type of growth is indeterminate, that is, it will be necessary to form a bush regardless of growing conditions. Masking is a mandatory procedure in this case.

Red tomatoes are large, up to 270 grams each. In general, they are aligned, if properly stored, do not deteriorate within 10-12 days. Resistance to a large complex of diseases allows you to grow it in any climatic zones.


Hybrid "Kanna" - a novelty from Holland, this variety is distinguished by an interesting pink color of fruits and early ripeness, which is 65-70 days. Hybrid large-fruited tomatoes, with excellent taste, reach by weight 170-180 grams. The safety of fruits and their transportation is possible in a period of up to one week, because the flesh is fleshy, and the skin is rather thin. Cracking resistance is rated as medium.

Tastes are excellent, there is a characteristic aroma and pleasant sourness, although many believe that greenhouse tomatoes are not so tasty, unlike those collected in the open field. Indeterminate type shrub.


For those who are looking for a tomato with excellent taste and excellent preservation, you need to pay attention to the "Martez" hybrid. The fruits of its red color are dense. They are distinguished by the fact that they are large, shiny and extremely aligned. The mass of each does not exceed 240 grams. Excellent for growing on an industrial scale with subsequent sale as high quality products.

The plant bush is indeterminate, but at the same time compact and short, it reaches 1.2 meters in height. Requires tying and pinching. Fruits are stored for at least 10 days, do not crack. It is best to use them for fresh consumption and in salads.


The fine choice for film greenhouses and shelters. Tomato "Melody" combines high yield and a short growing season. The ripening period is only 73 days, during this period the tomatoes fully ripen, acquiring a red color and dense skin, not prone to cracking. The bush is compact, determinant, it can be planted tightly (up to 7 plants per 1 square) and formed into one stem. With the right growing from one bush, it will be possible to collect 4.5 kilograms of tomatoes with good taste.

It is resistant to nematode, fusarium, TDC, verticillus. Commercial quality is high.

A short video describing the tomato:


Growing Dutch varieties and hybrids in greenhouses is very common today. However, one should not forget that every tomato is picky about certain conditions, and they must be strictly followed. Only in this case, you can count on a large crop and excellent fruit quality.

A short review of the varieties presented in the video below. They will also tell about the varieties previously described here.