Landscape Design

Improvement of the dacha - we embody our ideas


Our life is very multifaceted. Even adherents of comfortable apartments change their views and acquire a summer cottage. The decision is made for various reasons, but no one can reject fresh air, paints of lush grass and flowers, the sound of water and the singing of birds.

After the first trouble, it is time to think about improving your summer cottage. The most important condition that every summer resident should know is not to complex! If you have never planted flowers, built a pond or a bench, then this is no reason to stop. Improvement of the dacha plot is a creative matter, not so difficult (though a little troublesome), but grateful.

To make a professional landscape design of the site, you may have to contact the experts. And if you are familiar with the design, then your own knowledge for the improvement will be quite enough. Consider two options for improvement of the site, which are most often found.

Starting from scratch

This option is suitable for those who acquire a new site on which there are no buildings yet. Before decorating and landscaping, you will have to carry out construction work. During this period it is necessary to fulfill some recommendations:

  1. Be sure to take a plan of the rose of the winds (sides of the world) and natural relief. This is useful when planning the landing of plants, marking the elements for improvement.
  2. Fix any construction work documented. This includes the laying of water supply and sanitation, electricity.
  3. It is necessary to clearly limit the plan of your site to create a harmonious plan for improvement and its relationship with the surrounding landscape.

Why do you need to pay attention to such nuances? Improvement of the suburban area with their own hands will require this knowledge in order to properly plan everything - the width of the paths and paths, a reservoir, a bathhouse, an arbor.

You must be sure that at the time of construction you will not hit the life support channels. After all, there should be enough space for a car and watering will not have to be pulled from one end of the plot to the other. Some plants do not tolerate the neighborhood with power lines, groundwater. In any case, this knowledge in the improvement of the site will be useful.

Try to place your plan on paper, taking into account all the nuances. It is necessary to approach all objects, therefore paths except a decorative effect, should have a functional purpose. Each zone is created taking into account lighting, materials and already existing natural elements.

Be sure to make a list of plants that you want to plant.

They also need to be placed taking into account the light and the need for water. Read the characteristics of each plant. You might want to change something. Use all ideas for landscaping the site. Even in the marshy and waterlogged zones, “their” plants grow.

Break the area into zones. You can make a project improvement of the dacha in different styles. It is good to place a Japanese garden in one place, and a modern one in another. It is best to tie improvement styles to a residential home. Then the whole area will get a finished look.

We remake in our own way

This information is useful to those owners who purchase a residential plot or have inherited it.

  1. Pay attention to the trees growing in the country, especially at very old and large. Choose the ones that can be cured or cut. If it does not work at all, then leave one for a wide, large stump. First, before the trees you have planted grow, it will take some time. And the old-timers will be able to give shade and serve as the decoration of the zone. And in a big stump flower or juniper flowerbeds look great. The main thing is not to leave sick and rotten plants.
  2. Try to adapt yourself to the relief of the site when planning the improvement of the site. It is not necessary to rake and level everything. Often, in the secluded corners of the already created natural landscape in which the plants feel comfortable, grow well and bloom. The stones which have grown into the earth will serve at registration of a hill, a waterfall, an original border.

Do not rush to change everything at once. It is better to tie your ideas for the improvement of the cottage to the existing facilities.

Before starting a grand update, arrange a family council. Write down the desires of adults and children to match them with the financial capabilities, the structure of the site and the goals for which it was acquired.

Where to begin:

We start to embody ideas

Professionals advise starting with track design. This element is very important for any site. Paths help to reach any object or to deliver building material.

For children, this is an opportunity to run, go rollerblading or cycling. The mysteriousness of the garden paths leading to the gazebo or pond gives romance to walks. It is not necessary to invite the construction team to work. It is important to note that:

  • the ground is required to level and tamp;
  • material to choose, depending on the purpose and degree of load on the track;
  • you need to carefully follow the markup.

The tracks on the site can be from any material. For areas with large loads suitable stone, brick, concrete.

In other cases, use wood, ceramics. When landscaping the site, you can make your own garden tiles. Glass or mosaic fragments are placed in a suitable container, filled with concrete. After solidification, the workpiece is removed and laid on the ground (you can dig it up a little for stability). "Tiles" make a different or the same size. The same "tile" can be made of wooden bars.

This element of accomplishment is on the shoulder to any summer resident. The track can be beaten with a beautifully braided arch.

Suitable lianas, braiding roses, clematis, other braiding plants.

Landscaping the site is equally important. This is one of the most popular methods of landscaping with plants. If not everyone can make a path, then everyone can plant a plant. This includes various flower beds, rabatki, mixborders. And here is another idea combining benefit and decorativeness - a hedge.

The advantages of such an element of landscaping in the improvement of the site can not be overestimated:

  1. A fence made of plants will reliably shield the site and hide unnecessary elements beyond the boundary of the site. Looks much more natural than any fence.
  2. Green plants are a good source of oxygen.
  3. The hedge will fulfill another important role. Protection from dirt and dust in residential areas has always been carried out with the help of green spaces. Embody this idea with the improvement of your site.
  4. The choice of plants for the fence is large enough. Coniferous, flowering shrubs, weaving plants will do.

The next option for the improvement of the site gardeners will take. Practical and harmonious beds for vegetables will help to decorate the garden no worse than a recreation area. Are used:

  • brick;
  • slate;
  • tree;
  • live plants.

Wonderful reception - to grow a bed of ornamental cabbage.

She can claim an honorable place in landscape design when landscaping a plot in the garden area.

There are a lot of ideas that gardeners share. Do not neglect the experience of experienced designers and the recommendations of professionals. But also embody your ideas without a doubt. If you don't like it, you will redo it differently. For the arrangement of each element has its own rules. Therefore, before starting the construction of a car park, pond, bath, garden arbor, read the recommendations of experts. Add your plans, and proceed.

Examples of ideas: