Tomato Blagovest: reviews, photos, yield


Variety of tomatoes Blagovest bred by domestic scientists. This is one of the best options for growing tomatoes in greenhouses. Below are considered photos, reviews, tomato yield Blagovest. This variety is characterized by early ripening and good yield. It is grown for sale and for personal use.

Variety description

Characteristics and description of the variety of tomato Blagovest are as follows:

  • forms a sprawling bush;
  • determinant variety;
  • bush height up to 1.8 m;
  • tendency to branching;
  • grayish-green tops of medium density;
  • early fruit ripening;
  • from planting seeds to harvest takes 101-107 days.

The fruits of the Blagovest variety correspond to the following description:

  • rounded shape with a smooth top;
  • unripe fruits have a white and green tint;
  • as they ripen, the tomatoes become saturated red;
  • average weight 120 g;
  • with constant care, the weight of the fruit reaches 150 g;
  • pronounced tomato flavor.

Yield varieties

5.5 kg of tomatoes are removed from one bush of the Blagovest variety. According to its characteristics and description, the variety of tomato Blagovest has a universal application. It is used fresh or added to homemade preparations. When canning, they do not crack, so you can pickle them or salt them whole.

When transported, Blagovest tomatoes remain fresh for a long time, so they are often grown for sale. Commodity properties of fruits are highly valued.

Landing procedure

Variety Blagovest grown by obtaining seedlings, which are transferred to the heifer or open areas. Regardless of the method of growing tomatoes, you need to properly prepare the soil. An open-air plot should be suitable for planting this variety.

Getting seedlings

Variety seeds Blagovest planted in boxes filled with soil mixture. It is prepared by combining in equal proportions of sod land and humus. In the ground, you can add a little peat or sawdust.

Before planting the soil is placed for 15 minutes in a heated oven or microwave. So it is disinfected. Another option is to water the soil with boiling water. After processing, you can start planting seeds in two weeks. During this time there will be a multiplication of bacteria that are useful for plants.

Tip! Seeds before planting is recommended to soak for a day in warm water.

The use of a solution of Fitosporin helps to stimulate the germination of seed material. One drop of the preparation is added to 100 ml of water, after which the seeds are placed in a liquid for 2 hours.

Planting work is carried out in late February or early March. Boxes or containers are filled with soil, on its surface they make indentations up to 1 cm. Seeds should be placed in them with a step of 2 cm. Some earth is poured on top and watered with warm water.

Seed germination is directly dependent on the ambient temperature. With its values ​​from 25 to 30 degrees, the first shoots of the Blagovest variety will appear in a few days. At lower temperatures, seeds need more time to germinate.

Important! The first 7 days of tomatoes are kept in the dark. Boxes with landings cover film.

When seedlings appear, seedlings are transported to a sunny place. In the conditions of short daylight additional illumination is equipped. Moisture is applied by spraying the soil when it begins to dry.

Growing in a greenhouse

Tomato Blagovest transferred into the greenhouse two months after planting seeds. Plants should have a height of 20 cm and about 6 leaves.

Two weeks before work it is recommended to start hardening the seedlings. It is carried out to the open air for several hours. Gradually, the residence time of tomatoes in the open air increases. The temperature of the plant should gradually decrease to 16 degrees.

It is necessary to prepare the greenhouse for planting even in the fall. Be sure to dig up the soil, compost or humus is applied. Superphosphate or wood ash is used as a mineral supplement.

Tip! Tomatoes variety Blagovest have staggered or two parallel rows.

Between plants leave 0.5 m. Rows should be placed at a distance of 1 m from each other. Since tomatoes Blagovest grow to 1.8 m, this scheme will ensure its normal development without excessive thickening.

Tomatoes are planted in the wells, their depth and size are 20 cm. The plant is placed in a pit, and the root system is covered with earth. To improve the survival rate of tomatoes will help abundant watering.

Planting in open ground

To open areas, tomatoes are transferred after stable, warm weather has been established. This method of cultivation is suitable for the southern regions.

Under the tomatoes, they choose the beds where onions, garlic, cucumbers, and the representatives of the legume family used to grow. Planting is not recommended after potatoes, eggplants, peppers and tomatoes.

The beds under the tomatoes should be illuminated by the sun and have protection from the winds. To prevent the plants from burning in the sun, you need to put a canopy.

Seedlings varieties Blagovest placed in prepared holes. On one square meter place no more than three tomatoes. Plants are recommended to tie to the support. After transplantation, they are watered with warm water.

Tomato care

Tomato Blagovest needs standard care, which includes watering and feeding. As they grow, tomatoes are tied to supports.


Tomatoes variety Blagovest requires moderate watering. Ground moisture should be maintained at 90%. Excess moisture affects the plants: fruits begin to crack and diseases spread. With a shortage of moisture, the tops of the leaves hang and twist, inflorescences crumble.

After transferring tomatoes to a permanent place, they are given time to adapt to new conditions. Regular watering begin one week after the procedure. Twice a week for each tomato make 3 liters of water.

Tip! One bush requires no more than 5 liters of water.

Pre-water should settle and warm. Watering with cold water from a hose is not allowed. Moisture make strictly under the root, not allowing it to fall on the tops and stems. For watering is better to choose the morning or evening period, when there is no exposure to the sun.

Top dressing

The first dressing variety Blagovest perform 2 weeks after transplanting tomatoes. Nitrogen fertilizers provoke the development of green mass, so they are used in limited quantities.

Tip! It is best to feed plants with phosphorus and potassium.

Superphosphate is applied in the form of granules, which are embedded in the soil. 20 g of a substance is enough for one square meter. A solution is prepared on the basis of potassium sulfate (40 g per 10 l of water), which is watered or sprayed with tomatoes.

During flowering tomatoes need boron to stimulate the formation of ovaries. For spraying prepare a solution of boric acid. 1 g of water requires 1 g of this substance. Processing is carried out on a sheet in cloudy weather.

Tying tomatoes

Blagovest tomatoes are tall, so as the bushes grow, it is necessary to tie them to supports. The plant is tied at the top.

Another option is to install trellis, which is placed at a distance of 0.5 m from each other. Between the trellis every 45 cm horizontally tension the wire.

Tied up tomatoes have a straight stalk that does not break or bend under the weight of the fruit. It is especially important to tie up plants planted in open ground, as they are subject to wind and rain.

Disease control

Variety Blagovest is resistant to the main diseases of tomatoes: phytophthora, cladosporia, mosaic. Plants are rarely attacked by pests.

The disadvantage of the variety is the susceptibility of leaf curl, at which the bush changes color. The plant becomes lighter, and the top - curly. The disease is viral in nature and cannot be treated.

When curliness is detected, tomatoes are removed, and the soil is disinfected with solutions based on copper-containing preparations (Oxich, Bordeaux mixture).


Lyudmila, 46 years old, Moscow Seed varieties Blagovest acquired last year on the market. The manufacturer recommends growing it in greenhouses, which was done. Seeds were planted at the end of April in a container filled with nutrient mixture. In May, healthy seedlings have grown. The bush formed in two stalks. From one plant I received about 6 kg of fruits. Alice, 25 years old, St. Petersburg After studying the photos, reviews, tomato yields Blagovest, the seeds were finally purchased for planting in the country from parents. Seed germination was 100%, but uneven. After planting in the second half of April, the first shoots appeared a week later. Blagovest forms few stepsons, but they need to be eliminated in time. When tomatoes reach 0.5 m, you need to tie them up. The fruits ripen very sweet and fragrant. Evgeny, 52 years old, Irkutsk. I plant the Blagovest variety every year. At the end of June, all the bushes are already covered with tomatoes. We collect them all summer. The grade well proves itself in any summer, does not hurt and gives an ovary. The height of the bush reaches 2 m, so it must be tied up. We use Blagovest tomatoes for canning; more meaty varieties are suitable for salads.


Tomatoes Blagovest suitable for planting in the greenhouse, if you want to get an early harvest. They are grown seedling method. Young plants are transferred to the greenhouse, where they prepare the soil and the wells for planting. Fruits can be consumed fresh or used in home canning. With regular watering and dressing receive good yield varieties.