Strawberry Honey


Probably every gardener on the site at least a couple of strawberry bushes. These berries are very tasty, and also have a rather attractive appearance. Of course, to get a good harvest you need to put a lot of effort. Strawberries require careful maintenance. However, in our time you can find a huge number of new varieties, which are characterized by high yield and unpretentiousness. Such berries are usually larger.

In this article we want to talk about the strawberry variety "Honey" or "Honeyoya". He was bred by American breeders, based on varieties "Vibrant" and "Holiday". This strawberry is grown since 1979, so that by our time had time to gain considerable popularity. Below you can see a description of the strawberry variety Honey, as well as photos and reviews.

Characteristic variety

This is an early high-yielding variety with large fruits. Honey has strong compact bushes. The root system is well developed. Peduncles strong, can easily withstand the weight of ripe berries. Also, the variety forms large dark green leaves that can grow up to 22 cm in length.

The bush begins to actively grow from the second week of April. It is at this time that the plant begins to prepare and gain strength before the start of fruiting. Flowering can last for two weeks. On the bushes formed about 15 flowers. All the berries on the bush begin to ripen at the same time. Depending on the climatic conditions of the region, ripening begins from the second week of May to the end of the month.

Important! To speed up the beginning of the ripening of berries for several weeks, you can cover the bed with agrofibre. This will create the necessary conditions for active fruiting.

Berries ripen for 2 weeks. Every 2-3 days it is necessary to collect fruits. The weight of each strawberry is about 35-40 grams. It has a beautiful rich color and shiny skin. The flesh can be red or orange-red. Strawberry density is average. The fruits have a sweet taste with a slight sourness. There is a characteristic strawberry flavor.

By the end of the fruiting period, the berries become noticeably smaller. At the same time, they acquire a more pronounced taste and smell. Variety does not have the ability to bear fruit twice per season. From the second week of June, mustaches are beginning to actively form on the bushes.

Grade transportable. Strawberries can be stored for 3 days and retain an attractive appearance even after transportation over long distances. At the same time, the freshness and taste of the berries are not lost. The advantages of this variety also include high frost resistance, as well as immunity to various leaf diseases. In addition, the variety has a very high yield. Only from one bush Honey can be harvested about 0.4 kg of berries per season. The variety loves black soil, but also feels good on other types of soil.

The description of strawberry Honey also contains some disadvantages:

  • Honey does not tolerate excessive or insufficient moisture;
  • during long-term fresh storage, the berries darken and lose their taste properties;
  • possible diseases of the root system.

Of course, the advantages of this variety prevail, and the disadvantages are not so significant as to give up the cultivation of such strawberries in their garden. Next, it is worth figuring out how to plant and grow Honey.

Planting and care

Honey strawberry variety is desirable to plant in the fall. It is important to take into account the time of the onset of frost. A month before the cold weather strawberries should already be planted. The best time to land is evening. This variety loves smooth, well-lit areas. For growing Honey suitable weakly acidic soil. Strawberries feel good in loamy and sandy soils.

Before planting strawberries should be made organic and mineral fertilizers. One square meter of beds will need about 7-8 kg of organic matter. You can also prepare a nutrient solution of 50 grams of superphosphate and 30 grams of potassium sulfate.

Attention! Between the strawberry bushes should not leave 30 cm, and between rows about 0.5 m. The holes for planting strawberries dig about 10-12 cm in depth.

When choosing seedlings it is necessary to pay attention to the width of the root collar. On healthy strawberries, it is not less than 1 cm. Too long roots should be cut, leaving about 5-8 cm. All dried and damaged leaves must be cut. Then the seedling is lowered into the prepared well, straightening the roots. Then the hole is covered with soil until the beginning of the upper part of the bush.

Planted strawberries need to be watered and mulched the soil with peat or humus. The first week will have to water the plants daily. After that, the number of waterings should be reduced to 1 time in 7 days. The soil around the bushes can be covered with a special film or straw. Every 2 weeks the soil is loosened and the plants are fed as needed. From time to time it is possible to carry out prophylaxis with special preparations for diseases and pests. If there are signs of infection, remove all affected leaves and flower stalks immediately.

Important! In the fall, strawberries were last fed and sprayed with Bordeaux mixture. It will also be good to mulch the soil in the garden.

Honey strawberry is fastidious to the level of soil moisture. Gardeners who grow this variety should be careful when watering the bushes. Both excess and lack of water can badly affect the condition of plants. It is also necessary to regularly remove all weeds from the bed.


Many gardeners choose to cultivate on their plots exactly the Honey variety. This strawberry has a high yield, as well as very attractive-looking and tasty berries. Bushes are quite hardy and strong, well tolerated by frost. The variety has a high resistance to most diseases. Berries easily carry transportation, so strawberries are great for sales. Of course, like any other variety, Honey has certain disadvantages. This strawberry reacts badly to a lack or excess of moisture and may be subject to diseases of the root system. But, following the rules of care, you can not worry about such manifestations. It is better to plant Honey in your garden and see for yourself how good this variety is.


Margarita Ivanovna, 45 years old, Voronezh. We grow strawberry varieties Honey in our country house. Like any other summer resident, I wanted to choose an unpretentious variety with high yields. I can say that Honey precisely fits these criteria. In addition, the strawberries are very tasty and juicy. Suitable for preservation and freezing. Maria O., 37 years old, Volgograd A good grade, but I had to adapt to it. The first year the harvest was very poor, although the bushes grew rather sprawling. In the fall, I decided to add some fertilizer. I use only organic. It gave good results. Bushes are now no less lush and beautiful, and autumn fruits are many. All berries as on selection, almost the same shape and size. Taste is very pleased. Children eat with pleasure, still remains for zakatok.Viktor Fedorovich, 53, Krasnoyarsk I have been engaged in gardening for more than a dozen years, I have tried all sorts of strawberries. Honey Honor I especially remember. Shrubs grow neat and slightly spreading. Berries on plants produced a lot. It is very convenient that the strawberries ripen gradually, and you can enjoy fresh strawberries longer. The first week of strawberries are very large with a sweet and sour taste. Then the berries become smaller, but I like them better for their taste properties. These berries are very sweet and juicy.