Motor-cultivator for weeding between rows


Weeding is an important step in the process of growing potatoes. This procedure allows not only to remove all weed plants from the garden, but also to loosen the soil. Thus, nitrogen flows unhindered to the roots along with the air, stimulating the growth of potatoes. Recently, gardeners prefer special motor-cultivators, with the help of which it is much easier to cultivate the soil. Let's consider how we weed potatoes with a motor cultivator, and which harrows are best used for this purpose.

Weeding potatoes with a flat cutter

Many gardeners claim that a flat cutter is the most convenient tool for weeding potatoes. Distinguish these devices in width. There are 4 types in total:

  • "P-240";
  • "P-320";
  • P-400;
  • "P-700".

Accordingly, the flat cutter with the designation 240 handles a single row width of 240 mm in a single pass, and the flat cutter with the number 700 can handle almost 3 times the distance. It is not necessary to use only flat cutters of the same type. They can be combined or used one by one.

Attention! You can only combine flat-cutters with the same attachment points.

Holes on the stand of the flat cutter allow you to adjust the height and depth of plowing. Such devices are made of quality steel and can serve you for many years. The metal for the cutting part undergoes heat treatment, which makes the flat cutter durable and hardy.

There are flat cutters with a ripper, which better process the soil. The ripper is made of eight round-shaped plates that have peculiar cuts. Such disks are located on the axis and begin to rotate when moving. Also on the design there is a spring that presses the cultivator to the soil. This is a great tool for those who do not like to do one job twice. Ploskorez-ripper perfectly copes with the task, removing all weeds from the row spacing, as well as making the soil loosening.

Weeding potatoes with motoblock and hedgehog

Everyone agrees that weeding potatoes with a conventional hopper takes a lot of time and also requires tremendous effort and endurance. It is especially difficult for owners of large land plots. In this case, can not do without a motor cultivator. In addition, the choice of harrows for weeding is quite large. For example, with the removal of weeds in the planting of potatoes, a cultivator for inter-row processing of potatoes called the hedgehog will do an excellent job.

Important! Before planting potatoes should conduct high-quality soil treatment. Previously plowed land is easily affected by this technique. It will be much more difficult to pull weeds out of the dense, untouched soil.

This device consists of rings of different sizes, on which the teeth and spikes are located. The hedgehog has a tapered appearance. Usually for the cultivation of the garden using 2 such devices, placing them at the same distance from each other at an angle. Hedgehog can be done independently at home. The main thing is to choose a quality material and properly assemble the structure. Often for this purpose, discs are used that do not perform well during the weeding process. The fact is that between the discs the ground and the weeds are constantly packed.

The hedgehog is a smaller version of the large rotary harrow for tractors and operates on the same principle. It easily penetrates the ground. And then, rotating, loosens the soil, in parallel pulling out weeds with roots from between rows.

Net harrow for weeding potatoes

Some gardeners prefer the so-called net harrows. This device consists of a hinged frame, inside which the toothed grid is stretched. The mesh has hexagonal or square cells about 20 cm in size. The teeth are wrapped down to the ground. More convenient is the hexagonal grid, as the teeth in it are arranged in a checkerboard pattern. But, if you install a square grid at an angle of 45 ° relative to the direction of the motoblock itself, then you can also achieve a staggered arrangement of the teeth.

The net harrow has its advantages and disadvantages. The positive aspects include the following:

  1. The harrow simultaneously covers a large area.
  2. The device can be easily built with your own hands.
  3. Can be used with others with other tools for plowing.

But unfortunately, there are no less important disadvantages. The harrow does not loosen the ground. Because of this, additional procedures have to be carried out, which takes a lot of time. Some gardeners prefer to use the net harrow for tillage after plowing in spring or on beds before the first shoots of potatoes appear.


In our time, tillers are gaining increasing popularity. This is not surprising, because this technique greatly simplifies our work and saves time. Cultivators are especially needed in large areas with potatoes. And all sorts of devices facilitate the task even more. In this article we looked at the most common tools for weeding potatoes with a walk-behind tractor. It would also be nice to see the video below, which tells and clearly shows how weed the garden in this way.